The trail of useful plants contains many plant species that thrive in the wild in their own biotopes – their own typical living environments – and that can be used in various ways.

You can go to each of the biotopes using the buttons or menu below.

Only use plants that you can definitely recognise as belonging to an edible species. Among the sources that are helpful in identifying plant species is the NatureGate nature education service. NatureGate is available in several other languages as well as Finnish and English. Remember to collect only plants that are in good condition, and that are far enough away from roads, fields or e.g. cow houses. However, do not collect the plants you find on our trail of useful plants! Everyone should have the chance to see and learn about the plants on the path.

You should not collect plants that you don’t recognize s belonging to an edible species, or are unsure about.

The most important rule for collecting and using wild herbs is to only use species that you can identify for sure, and that you know to be safe for human consumption. There are a great many toxic or health-damaging plants in the wild!

The website of the Finnish national health services network HUCH provides a list of poisonous and non-poisonous plants.