Oxeye daisy, Leucanthemum vulgare

With many other names as well, including moon-daisy, and dog daisy, a meadow full of oxeye daisies in full bloom is synonymous with summer. As well as being beautiful, daisies are also good to eat.


Both the flowers and the leaves of oxeye daisies are edible, and are suitable in salads, for example, or in muffins. They can also be eaten raw.

Something to try

Summery daisy juice

Rinse about 200 daisy flowers in cold water.

Slices 2 lemons, and put them and the daisies in layers in a bowl.

Boil 1.5 litres of water with 1.5 kilogrammes of sugar to make sugar syrup. Add 60 grams of citric acid to it.

Pour the sugar syrup over the flowers and lemon slices, then cover the bowl and let it stand for 3 days.

Strain the juice through a sieve lined with filter paper. It will give about two bottles of juice.

The daisy juice will keep in the fridge throughout the summer.

Gathering the plants

It’s best to pick daisies when the flowers are young, and still flat. Older flowers can also be used – as long as they don’t contain any dark tracks or other marks, which are a sign of larvae. Intact and healthy leaves can be picked throughout the growing season. The taste of oxeye daisies is refreshing, and very good!

Other interesting facts

She (or he) loves me, loves me not, loves me, loves me not… picking off daisy leaves one at a time is a time-honoured practice for love-struck worriers, or worry-struck lovers. The last remaining leaf is the one that decides the matter. Of course, if the answer is not satisfactory, the process can be repeated with a new flower again, and again, until the most pleasing answer is found.

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