Wild marjoram, Origanum vulgare

Originating in Italy, wild marjoram is a herb that has been used since ancient times. It is a popular seasoning for pizzas and other Italian specialities.


The flowers and leaves of wild marjoram are edible. It’s advisable to grind the leaves, as they are tough. Wild marjoram is aromatic and has a strong, even bitter taste. The flavour is very good for tomato-based foods. Fishermen in the Finnish archipelago have used mild marjoram to season fish, especially herring.

Something to try

A slightly more creative use for mild marjoram is to put the stems on the burning charcoals when grilling. This gives the food a wonderful aroma.

Gathering the plants

Wild marjoram lion thrives in dry habitats that receive plenty of sunlight. The plant should be picked either before it blooms, or when the flowers have just opened, in July-August.

Other interesting facts

As an excellent nectar plant, wild marjoram attracts bees and bumblebees, and especially moths and butterflies.

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